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Your time is precious, make the most of it!

The average global life expectancy is 66 years. That is 24,090 days, 578,160 hours,

If you prefer, 35 million minutes. The average person, though, hardly spends each one of these minutes and hours constructively. In fact, the average person will spend almost six full years of their life in front of the television, over 400 days in the bath or shower, and almost two full years shopping.

Putting Time Leverage on Your Side

What the average person needs is a way to streamline their time management - a way to work past the inevitable time-wasting activities that swallow our days and leave us feeling drained and unproductive. Part of the reason that shopping consumes so much of our time is because there is just no fast way to do it effectively. Sure, you can run into a shop and grab the first thing on the rack, call the first gardening service that you come across on the internet, or book the first vacant room that you find - but how do you have any idea if the choices that you make are providing you with the best value and the highest quality products and services? Quite frankly, you have no way of knowing for sure.

You are destined to spend almost two years of your life playing one giant guessing game.

That is, unless you have the advantage of a concierge and lifestyle management company, which offers a comprehensive membership and a telephone and internet information and procurement service to handle all of the hassle that goes hand in hand in shopping around.

Saving You Time

Our global concierge partner Central Concierge gives the consumer the opportunity to request the sourcing of almost any product or service.

Need to re-model your home? Even a small touch-up will require seemingly endless phone calls to builders and renovators, furniture and appliance suppliers, and plumbing and electricity specialists. Before you know it, you have spent almost as much time chasing down the right products and services as it will take to complete the entire renovation, and you still cannot be sure that you're getting the best value.

With help from Central Concierge, the time spent shopping around for value and quality can be reduced exponentially. Considering the number of menial tasks that Central Concierge can help you accomplish, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much extra time you find on your hands. What will you do with the millions of seconds that you save?

Central Concierge effectively provides you with a personal assistant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Imagine handing over your to-do list to a professional concierge to handle, or to obtain anything you want with a single phone call or request via the web.

This benefit will add so much more value to your life than money can buy, for a fraction of the cost of a personal assistant and what’s even better it’s included in the cost of your membership!

Central Concierge offers you world-class services, what would you like? Champagne and strawberries served in the back of a limousine? A private jet on standby? What about a unique diamond ring sourced and purchased for your special someone? Or how about a New Years Eve party being organized with food and entertainment? Or the family holiday being organized and booked?

Whatever your needs may be, just hand them over to Central Concierge - and relax in the knowledge that you’re getting the best available at the lowest possible price.

To take advantage of all these value services, please log into www.marketingworldinc.com and start to enjoy, more time in your life through this incredible time leverage service.

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