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Classified is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, where people get charged to submit their advert. With Marketing World you now can do all of this and Buy, Sell and Rent.

Marketing World Classified section is an exciting and direct way to sell, buy or rent goods and services amongst our community of members. Maybe you want to have a clear out and sell unwanted things or simply trying to sell a car, a property, other products and services or looking to rent out your vacation condo overseas. Maybe you’re looking to browse and buy things easily and cheaply, whatever the reason, you now have a simple and effective way to earn and save money.

There are numerous ways of taking advantage of this service and remember there is no bidding in our Classified section. You just need to put the description, category and price for your item, service or property that you would like to receive for it, and not the starting price you would in an auction - style listing. There is no limit to how many listings you post.

Marketing World Anything and Everything Classified section offers a tremendous way to interact and save time, money and the ability to generate money easily and quickly.

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